WMT-555C Tuner Metronome 3 in 1 Metro-Tuner Chromatic Tuner

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Great for guitar and orchestral instruments, the Cherub Digital 3in1 WMT-555C Mero-tuner combines a chromatic tuner with a digital metronome in a convenient palm-size unit. The metronome function of this device contains volume control, beat simulation with Cherub’s revolutionary technology for visual sensing of tempo, beat selection, and rhythm selection. Features 1/4″ input, built-in microphone and tone generator, adjustable time signature and value, 4 transposition modes, 7 multiple time signatures, 12 different rhythms. This WMT-555C is widely use in all musical instruments, and especially does a great job in picking up of the bass instruments. Perfect for helping students to learn sophisticated rhythm patterns.


Tuning range: D2(73.4Hz)~A6(1760Hz)
Tuning mode: Chromatic, Wind instruments
Tuning key: C, F, B♭, E♭
Tuning precision: ±1 cent
A4 range: 435~445Hz
Detection method: Mic,Line-in
Display mode: LCD Display, LED Display
Tuning method: Auto
Tone Generator:

Reference tone range: 4A
Reference tone precision: ±0.5 cent

Tempo range: 30~230 bpm
Beat: -/4, 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 3/8, 6/8

Tempo precision: ±0.3%
Metronome sound: Electronic sound
Power supply: 3V(2xAAA)batteries
Dimensions: 98(W)x15(D)x64(H)mm
Weight: 65g
Package Includes:

WMT-555C Metro-Tuner
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