Cherub WST-550VM Violin and Mandolin Mate Clip-on Tuner

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Flott Clip-on tuner for Fiolin og Mandolin.

  • The Cherub WST-550VM Violin & Mandolin Mate Clip-On Tuner is designed for small increment tuning of a violin or mandolin.To use the tuner, clip it onto the violin (either on the scroll or bridge) and pluck or bow a single string. The tuner will light up with the note that is being played and indicate whether that note is slightly sharp or flat. If the needle points to the left, the note is flat, if it points to the right it is too sharp. Once the string is in tune you will see a green light. The clip-on functionality eliminates all surrounding noise that may interfere with your tuning, making it perfect for use in an orchestral or ensemble setting.The Cherub WST-550VM isn’t a chromatic tuner and only displays the open strings of a violin and mandolin which are E, A, D and G. If your instrument is really out of tune and you play a note that isn’t E, A, D or G it won’t be able to tell you which note it is. Because of this we would recommend the Cherub WST-550V to players who are relatively confident at tuning their instrument and looking for a discrete, quick and effective tool to let them know whether their strings are perfectly in tune or in need of a slight adjustment.


    • Clips onto your instrument and tunes with a vibration sensor which allows accurate tuning in a noisy environment
    • Clip rotates 180 degrees
    • Easy to operate – has one on/off switch and one mode of operation
    • Comes with 3V(CR2032) lithium battery
    • Easy to read LED display
    • Tunes at 440Hz
    • Dimensions: 54mm x 60mm x 17mm
    • Weight: 20g
    • Has an auto-off feature which conserves battery life


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