Yamaha – YRF-21, Blokkfløyte

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Music education brings out power of expression in children and fosters their sensibility

Yamaha fife, made of ABS resin plastic has rich tone colors.

Fife is believed to have originated in Eastern traverse flute which was introduced to medieval Europe and improved to the present style. In Europe and America, it is widely used in the folk music and drum and fife bands. Its earthy sound also attracts many people in Japan, where fife is popularly used as a melody instrument in drum and fife bands and as a starter instrument for those planning to take up flute or piccolo. With its innovative embouchure hole design, Yamaha fife is easy to play with accurate intonation, which makes it possible for anybody who follows proper basics to produce beautiful sound.

Key: C


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Dimensjoner 40 × 5 × 5 cm