Remo Diplomat Clear Drumhead 12″ (BD-0312-00)

kr 265

Diplomat® Clear drumheads feature bright, open tones for maximum resonance and sustain. Constructed with 1-ply of 7.5-mil film, Diplomat® Clear drumheads are best known for accentuating Tom response in Drumset applications. Available in sizes 6″ – 18″.

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Remo Diplomat Clear Heads are one of the company’s brightest and most open-sounding series, made with a single layer of 7.5-mil Mylar film. These heads are widely used on the resonant (bottom) sides of toms.

  • Bright and Open
  • Popular as Resonant Head
  • Ideal for Tom resonant applications
  • Available in sizes 6″ – 18″
  • 1-ply 7.5-mil Clear film
  • Provides clarity and maximum sustain


Vekt 0,3 kg
Dimensjoner 38 × 38 × 3 cm