Remo Ambassador Coated Drum Head 12″ (BA-0112-00)

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The Ambassador® Coated is the most popular drumhead in the world, featuring the perfect combination of warm, open tones with bright attack and controlled sustain. Constructed with 1-ply 10-mil Coated film, Ambassador® Coated drumheads are the industry standard for all applications. Available in sizes 6″ – 40″.



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Produktnr: BA-0112-00 Kategori: GTIN/EAN/UPC: 757242144589


Not too thin and not too thick, Remo’s Ambassador Coated heads are made from one ply of 10-mil Mylar film that resonates with a long, bright tone. They have a moderate durability – as long as you don’t wail on them, they’ll treat you well for quite a while. Great for heavier jazz or light-to-medium rock!

The coated surface gives the head a slightly muted, darker tone than a clear head.


    • 10-mil Mylar Film
    • Medium Resonance
    • Moderate Durability
    • Warm, Muted Attack
    • Medium Heavy
    • Single ply.


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Dimensjoner 30,0 × 30,0 × 1,0 cm