NORD LEAD A1 49-key Virtual Analogue Synthesizer

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The Nord Lead A1 analog modeling synthesizer – a stunning sounding synthesizer with a simplified yet hugely powerful front panel interface.

Producing stand-out sounds for live or for the studio, the Lead A1 is ideal for all musical genres. Thanks to its carefully thought-out user interface, the Lead A1 encourages experimentation, allows for far speedier programming than would otherwise be possible, and ultimately delivers sensational sonic results.

-26 voices, 4 part mutlitimbral

-Subtractive Synthesis Analog modelisation

-8 Oscillator configurations

-LFO with 5 waveforms, 2 ADR/ADSR envelopes (Amplifier and Modulation sections)

-Arpeggiator fully syncable to the Masterclock

-12, 24 dB low-pass, high-pass and band-pass filters with Transistor and diode ladder filter simulations from the Nord Lead 4

-FX section: Ensemble, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Ring Modulator, Drive

-49-key octave velocity sensitive keyboard

-Modualtion wheel and Pitch Stick

-All control knobs and switches send and receive control change messages

-8×50 Programs (single sounds)

-4×50 Performances (multi sounds)

-4 outputs. Each slot can be assigned to its own output, and 1 headphone output

-MIDI In and MIDI Out, USB connector with MIDI capabilities

-Sustain and Control pedal inputs

-Dimensions and weight: 802 x 92 x 260 mm, 4.85 kg


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