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Nektar Pacer, MIDI DAW fotkontroller

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PACER – Hands-free DAW and MIDI Control

PACER boosts your creativity by providing hands-free control of your DAW, MIDI guitar soft- or hardware as well as channel- and FX-switching on your trusted analog amp. All integrated into one rugged and stage-ready foot pedal with 10 programmable LED foot switches, 4 switching relays and connections for up to 4 external foot switches and 2 expression pedals. That’s a lot of switching power right at your feet: With just one press of a button, you can send up to 16 MIDI and relay messages to reconfigure a setup instantly. Step up your pace with this powerful MIDI DAW Footswitch Controller!

Pacer’s programming options are extensive. In the most basic state, a switch can send a MIDI message or change a relay state. But being able to send MIDI messages in a sequence of steps, takes the usefulness of a preset to another level. Use one switch to step through program change messages during your song and the other switches are free for FX on/off control. Or switch your amp channel, start playback in your DAW and change program on your effects rack, all by just pressing ONE button within the same preset. Another 16 MIDI messages/relay settings can be programmed for triggering when each of the 24 presets are selected.

Whether you are looking for a simple pre-configured solution to control products such as Line 6, Kemper Profiler, AxeFX and Avid Eleven, want to control your DAW without letting go of your instrument or plan to create your own advanced setups for controlling a live show, PACER does it all.

Pacer dimensions


NP-1 Foot-Switch

Connect up to 4 of our NP-1 universal foot switches to PACER for even more switching power. Also switches are fully programmable: So you can do anything from switching Presets, to changing control steps or more.

NX-P Universal Expression Pedal

Connect up to two NX-P expression pedals to PACER. As they are also programmable, you can do way more than just control a virtual wah, an FX-send or volume.


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