Kali Audio LP-6 V2 Black

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LP-6 V2 Black

Studiomonitor 6″. Svart

Version 2 av succémonitorn Kali LP6. Studiomonitor med 6,5’’ baselement och 1’’ Soft Dome-diskant. 80W (40+40) Class-D förstärkare. LP6 V2 har också förbättrats med 12db lägre egenbrus (self noice) och input känsligheten har ökat med 3db. EQn i nya LP6 V2 har också förbättrats. Svart finish.


Project Lone Pine Studio Monitors Version 2

The new LP-6 V2 is part of Kali’s 2nd Wave of loudspeakers. 2nd Wave products draw on 3 years of R&D for across-the-board improvements. A new amplifier platform allows for 12 dB less self noise, while input sensitivity has been increased by 3 dB. The tuning has been refined for smoother HF response, and the boundary EQs have been updated to reflect common real-world use cases. Physical improvements include lighter transducer cones for better transient response and upgraded cabinet construction for greater reliability.

Transparent Sound

The Lone Pine Series is designed to allow you to hear every detail that’s happening in your mix.

This starts with an exceptionally accurate frequency response. Whatever is present on your mix is what you’ll hear in these monitors. Nothing is boosted or suppressed to cover flaws or try to sound more pleasing.

With the LP-6 and LP-8, you can mix with more confidence, and you can also be assured that your mix will translate as best as possible to whatever systems your audience is using.

3-D Imaging Waveguide

The waveguide on Project Lone Pine monitors allows you to hear spatial details and a soundstage that is wider, taller, and deeper than the space between the speakers themselves.

High dynamic range, low distortion

The dual layer, large diameter voice coil on the LP-Series helps keep the sound clear and free of distortion.

Low noise port tube

The LP-6 and LP-8 both have the clean, punchy bass of a front-ported speaker with very low noise from the port tube.

High Output

At continuous reference-level output, the LP-Series monitors have at least 20 dB headroom at the listening position. The LP-6 has enough output for most 1-2 person setups, and LP-8 can handle larger setups easily.

Ample headroom ensures that even loud mixes with high dynamic range will come through clearly.


Bass Power

Bass on the LP-Series monitors is delivered by larger magnets and larger voice coils than any comparable speakers on the market. This gives you more accurate bass response that extends lower, so you can dial in exactly the low end sound you need.

Boundary EQ Control

A speaker’s given position in a space can drastically change it’s frequency response. A speaker placed against a wall or on a desk will sound very different than a speaker placed on a stand, even in a well-treated space. Hard surfaces like walls, desk tops, and recording consoles can change the low end frequency response of the monitor, and degrade the overall clarity of the sound.

Happily, most of the common positions are fairly predictable and easily corrected.

Kali’s team did our Boundary EQ tuning at The Village Studios in Los Angeles, and came up with boundary compensation EQ settings to help you get the optimum sound for where you need to put your speakers. Combined with the LF and HF trims, this will ensure that the speakers sound their best no matter what room you’re mixing in, or where the speakers are placed.

Easy Connections

The LP-6 and LP-8 both feature balanced XLR and TRS inputs, and an unbalanced RCA input. The RCA input can be set to -10 dBu sensitivity when you’re using consumer devices like a laptop or smartphone’s headphone jack.

Class D Power

The integrated Class D Power amp delivers clean, reliable power that’s optimized to this speaker. Both models use 40W for the 1″ soft dome tweeter. The LP-6 uses 40W for the 6.5-Inch woofer, and the LP-8 uses 60W for the 8-Inch woofer.


– Aktiv 2-väg

– 80W (40+40) Class-D förstärkare

– 6,5″ baselement

– 1″ Soft Dome-diskant

– Frekvensåtergivning (-10 dB): 39 Hz – 25 kHz

– Frekvensomfång (± 3 dB): 47 Hz – 21 kHz

– Delningsfrekvens: 1,5 kHz

– Max SPL: 112 dB

– Obalanserad ingångar: 1x RCA

– Balanserade ingångar: 1x TRS och 1x XLR

– TRS/XLR ingångskänslighet: +4 dB

– RCA ingångskänslighet: -10 dB

– HF Trim: -2 dB, ±0 dB, +2 dB

– LF Trim: -2 dB, ±0 dB, +2 dB

2-vägs aktiv närfält
47 Hz – 21 kHz
1″ Soft Dome
HF 40W/LF 40W Class-D
115 dB
H359 x B222 x D260 mm
7,01 kg


Vekt 7 kg
Dimensjoner 40 × 30 × 30 cm