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The MPro MP412 is a compact, portable, twelve inch, two-way speaker system in a multi-angle enclosure that supports main PA or stage monitor applications. The Laminar Flow Baffle reduces reflection and diffraction effects and distortion resulting from turbulence. The horn design with its large mouth delivers smooth, natural reproduction especially in the critical mid-range. The unique, ARD (Annular Ring Diaphragm) compression driver delivers extraordinary high-frequency extension due to a design that combines very high motor strength with low moving mass. This highfrequency performance makes the MP412 an outstanding choice for highlevel music playback, especially when combined with subwoofers. A 16 gauge, steel grill protects the twelve inch JBL woofer. Designed for portable applications in live performance, music playback, and reinforcement of speech, the MP412 will deliver excellent performance by itself or as a satellite over subwoofers such as the MP418S and MP418SP.


  • Laminar Flow Baffle design reduces distortion and diffraction effects by providing smooth, rounded surfaces. The single piece baffle is constructed of SMC (sheet molding compound), a durable, cross-linked thermo-plastic also used in automotive body parts.
  • Multi-angle enclosure designed for use as a front-of-house speaker or a stage monitor.
  • JBL 2023 12″, woofer with 3″, edgewound voice-coil. SHG (Selective Harmonic Geometry) technology reduces harmonic distortion and improves power response.
  • JBL 2406 Annular Ring Diaphragm compression driver delivers smooth, extended highfrequency output to 20 kHz.
  • High power handling – 350 watts (average) and 1,400 watts (peak) power capacity.
  • Enclosure constructed of 18 mm plywood and coated with JBL’s exclusive DuraFlex – a rugged, advanced, poly-urea finish.
  • 70 x 70 horn designed for even coverage and smooth response on and off axis.
  • Input panel includes dual Neutrik Speakon NL-4 input connectors.
  • Precision engineered crossover for optimal power response and performance in the critical midrange region.
  • SonicGuard protects highfrequency driver from excess power without interrupting the performance.
  • Attractive 16 gauge, hexagon perforated, steel grill protects components from damage.
  • 35 mm pole mount receptacle.


Vekt 30 kg
Dimensjoner 60 × 45 × 55 cm