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•Active 18″ bass reflex subwoofer

•Now with a sturdy metal front grille with black acoustic foam backing

•Comes with the new HK Audio MultiGrips for significantly improved handling in any position

•1,200-watt Class D power amplifier

•Includes stereo input on subwoofer with additional mid/high unit output (in addition to thru) for connecting active tops

•1 system setup possible with two Audio OUT connectors

•Frequency separation in the subwoofer

•Low-resonance wooden cabinet for powerful bass reproduction and a maximum sound pressure of up to 127 dB

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The 18″ bass reflex subwoofer produces a deep and powerful bass foundation with its 1,200 watts of power. This all-round subwoofer can be used for a wide variety of applications thanks to its stereo preamp and corresponding outputs. The classic setup can be implemented either as a half or full stack, and a 2.1 system can be created with ease thanks to the two mid/high outputs. The subwoofer takes care of the filtering required for this. This means that tops that do not have their own filtering can even be connected.


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