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High-fidelity hearing p protection for musicians

-Two earplugs and a spare earplug
-Three interchangeable sets of fi lters (gold, silver & white)
-Luxury storage case
-Alpine carrying cord
-Alpine Clean

Unique product specifications

  • Prevents hearing damage and tinnitus as a result of exposure to loud music
  • With three high-fidelity filter sets: Gold (22 dB), Silver (19 dB) and White (16 dB)
  • Features a unique interchangeable filter system: choose your own level of sound attenuation
  • Excellent sound quality, 100% sound
  • Made from high-tech AlpineThermoShape™ material
  • Perfect fit, can be worn comfortably for hours on end
  • Includes a storage case, carrying cord, cleaning spray and a spare earplug
  • Reusable and easy to put in and take out
  • “The #1 Earplug” for music lovers and professionals in more than fifty countries

Hearing protection for musicians

As a musician, DJ or sound technician, you often find yourself surrounded by loud music, which means you run a high risk of sustaining hearing damage. Hearing loss has direct consequences for your ability to do your job or enjoy your passion. Properly protecting your hearing is therefore essential during rehearsals, performances and concerts. For professionals in the music industry, Alpine has developed the MusicSafe Pro, the most high-end product in our hearing protection range for musicians.

Three sets of AlpineAcousticFilters™ – Choose your own level of sound attenuation

MusicSafe Pro earplugs are the only universal earplugs in the world that offer three different sets of filters. With the included gold, silver and white music filters, musicians, DJs and sound technicians have the freedom to choose between different levels of sound attenuation for various applications. These filters reduce the music volume to a safe level without compromising the music experience at all. The unique AlpineAcousticFilters™ only attenuate harmful sounds. At the same time, they do not affect the quality of the music and still allow the wearer to communicate with their fellow musicians at a normal level. It is like turning down the volume a few notches. This not only makes MusicSafe Pro invaluable during performances or in the studio, but also during concerts, rehearsals and teaching sessions. You can choose your own level of sound attenuation in any situation.

Gold filter: average attenuation (SNR) 22 dB
Silver filter: average attenuation (SNR) 19 dB             
White filter: average attenuation (SNR) 16 dB

Practical, comfortable and durable

MusicSafe Pro earplugs are made of the special AlpineThermoShape™ material, which moulds itself to the wearer’s ears because of their own body heat. This means the earplugs are a perfect fit for the wearer’s ear canal and will always stay in place, which makes them very comfortable to wear. The thermoplastic material is hypoallergenic, which prevents an itchy sensation in or around the ear. MusicSafe Pro earplugs can be used more than one hundred times. They are available in two colours: transparent and black.

With luxury storage case, cleaning spray and carrying cord

Alpine MusicSafe Pro earplugs come with a handy case in which to store the earplugs and filters. The case can easily be attached to a keyring. Every set also comes with a carrying cord that you can attach to the earplugs for when you are not wearing them. You can easily and quickly clean the earplugs with the included Alpine Clean, a disinfecting cleaning spray (5 ml). Cleaning the earplugs regularly will extend their life span.

How dangerous is loud music?

The safe and statutory limit to which the hearing may be exposed is 80 decibel. Regular noise above 80 decibels will irrevocably lead to hearing damage. Official reports show that the limit of 80 dB is soon exceeded. For instance, at concerts, noise levels up to 120 dB can be measures. For rock musicians, the harmful noises are mainly produced by the drums and the amplifiers, whereas for classical musicians, their own instruments and those of others greatly affect their hearing. The following values shows how soon the maximum exposing time is reached:

Noise level Maximum exposure without hearing protection
86 dB 2 hours
89 dB 1 hour
92 dB 30 minutes
94 dB 15 minutes
98 dB 7 minutes
102 dB 3 minutes
106 dB 90 seconds


What filter is suitable for me?

Depending on your situation, the instrument you’re playing and where you are playing it, you can choose your own absorption. For instance, as a drummer, you’ll require higher absorption levels than when you’re a singer.


MusicSafe Pro earplugs last longer if you if you look after them. Clean them regularly using lukewarm water and a little soap.


  • Two earplugs and a spare earplug
  • Three interchangeable sets of filters (gold, silver & white)
  • Luxury storage case
  • Alpine carrying cord
  • Alpine Clean

Dutch Design

The Alpine MusicSafe Pro earplugs have an exclusive Dutch Design. The AlpineThermoShape™ earplugs and the AlpineAcousticFilters™ are produced in the Netherlands.


  • Tested according to EN 352-2: 2002
  • Nominal diameter: 9-12 mm, size M

GOLD FILTER • H=23 M=19 L=16 SNR= 22 NRR=19,4-25,4

1 Frequency Hz 63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
2 Mean Attenuation dB 15,7 17,8 19,2 21,4 22,9 27,3 27,4 29,4
3 Standard Deviation 6,2 6,5 4,7 4,5 4,3 4,8 3,9 4,8
4 Assumed Protection in dB (APV) 9,5 11,3 14,5 16,9 18,6 22,5 23,5 24,6


SILVER FILTER • H=20 M=17 L=14 SNR=19 NRR=18,5-22,9

1 Frequency Hz 63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
2 Mean Attenuation dB 11,6 13,5 15,4 17,4 18,7 24,6 25,1 31,4
3 Standard Deviation 4,4 4,9 3,5 2,4 2,6 4,4 5,6 5,6
4 Assumed Protection in dB (APV) 7,2 8,6 11,9 15,0 16,1 20,2 19,5 25,8


WHITE FILTER • H=19 M=12 L=8 SNR=16 NRR=11,1-18,0

1 Frequency Hz 63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
2 Mean Attenuation dB 6,2 5,6 8,7 10,7 15,9 23,6 24,2 29,5
3 Standard Deviation 4,5 2,2 3,2 2,3 1,9 3,8 5,3 4,2
4 Assumed Protection in dB (APV) 1,7 3,4 5,5 8,4 14,0 19,8 18,9 25,3



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