Alesis 1622 mixer BRUKT

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Alesis 1622 Monolithic/Integrated Surface Audio Console with PSU  #28019
Cosmetic Condition This console is in fair-good condition with signs of use.   There is a break on the plastic on the corner, and some scratches from normal use over the years.   There was some dust accumulation but the unit has been tested and everything works fine with no dirty pots or faders.
The Alesis 1622 is a lightweight, sixteen channel mixer. It’s not the kind of mixer you would expect to find in a production room, though it is probably more mixer than many of you have seen in some production rooms.
When you get past the initial impression of the 1622, you find a sixteen channel mixer with quite a few features. Taking a look at the back panel of this 16 X 2 X 2 mixer, the 1622 offers sixteen unbalanced line inputs using ¼-inch phone jacks. Channels one through eight, however, also offer balanced XLR inputs. The XLR inputs are defeated when the ¼-inch jacks are used. Channels one through eight also have direct outputs that are after the fader and EQ section. These could be sent directly to an 8-track machine, and you could then select your inputs to each track by patching that signal to any of the first eight channel inputs. This bypasses a lot of circuitry and offers the cleanest signal to the multi-track.

Frequency response: +0/-2dBV 20-20kHz.
Harmonic distortion: Better than 0.015% @1kHz @0dBV.
Crosstalk: -91 dBV. Channel to Channel @1kHz @0dBV.
Signal-to-Noise ratio: Worst case -78dBV Master or Monitor with 16 inputs @ unity gain.
Input gain: +56dB Mic input to Master Output.
Max input level: +17dBV.
Input impedance: 3Kohms Mic; 1 Mohm Line.
Max output level: +17dBV.
Output impedance: 500 Ohms (all outputs).
Meters: two 15-segment LEDs (VU response).
Connections: 8 Mic inputs (XLR); all others ¼” jacks.
Level: Main Outputs switchable +4/-10dBV operation.
Power: External 9V PSU (supplied).
Size: 19″ x 21″ x 1.5-6″.
Weight: 14lbs.


Vekt 6 kg
Dimensjoner 60 × 55 × 25 cm