Scandlight T-BAR Lightset WL

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A complete light package that’s perfect for the band, troubadour, DJs, party etc.
Scandlight T-BAR Lightset WL is a compact and bright light set consisting of a T-Bar with four bright LED panels. Each panel is equipped with three 4Watts RGBW LED’s. With RGBW you have the colors red, green, blue and white. Because the luminaire has white LED’s, you can use it as a basic front light instead of your old and ball halogen light cannons.

The package is very compact and consists of a large T-bar in steel, light aluminum plates, a steel tube, bag to the T-bar and foot pedal. The steel frame has a maximum height of 188cm.
The foot control has four pedals to control:
1. “Blackout”: everything goes off when the pedal is pressed.
2. “Color”: switches between 9 colors.
3. “Auto”: where you can switch between 6 different pre set programs.
4. “Sound”: where you switch between 7 modes for sound control that is controlled via the built-in microphone.
If you want to program the system more advanced, it can be controlled via DMX. One can easily link together multiple systems and manage them with a foot pedal, concatenation is done via DMX in and out.
• LED’s: 12pcs 4watt RGBW (Red, Green, Blue and White)
• The package includes: Stand, T-bar, Foot Pedal, Tote Bag to T-bar.
• DMX: Yes, adjustable between 4, 6, 10, 16 and 18 channels
• Sound Control: Yes, 7 modes
• Strobeeffekt: Yes
• Auto mode: Yes, 6 embedded applications
• Color Mode: Yes, 9 different colors
• Footpadal: Yes, 4  pedals
• Power consumption: 60W
• Height Stand: 1,24-1,88m
• Size T-bar: 950x225x67 mm
• Total weight (bar, stand and foot pedal): 13.8 kg
Advantages of LED technology: Extremely long life, low power consumption, minimal heat development, maintenance free.


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