ROLI Songmaker Kit Studio Edition bundle

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Songmaker Kit Studio Edition

Paket med Seaboard Block Studio Edition, Lightpad Studio Edition, Live Block och Snapcase-fodral. Levereras med nya mjukvarorna ROLI Studio Player och ROLI Studio Drums med över 500 ljud från Equator, Cypher2 och Strobe2. Medföljer gör även full-licens av Equator och Strobe2 plus Ableton Lite Live och Tracktion Waveform 8.

Songmaker Kit Studio Edition – The Complete Kit for Creators

Play, produce, and explore multidimensional sounds with the all-in-one kit for making more expressive tracks. Now with ROLI Studio software.


All you need to play and produce

Songmaker Kit Studio Edition combines three ROLI Blocks plus a huge array of software, in one deeply integrated kit.

– Play melodic leads on Seaboard Block

– Play beats and control effects on Lightpad Block

– Produce faster with Live Block

– 5D Touch technology for intuitive sound shaping

– 100s of MPE sounds in ROLI Studio for desktop

– Groundbreaking tools for creating tracks faster

– Create anywhere with a protective Snapcase


Explore a vast collection of sounds and effects

Songmaker Kit is powered by ROLI Studio, a new suite of desktop software that combines industry-leading sounds, effects, and production tools.

– 2 plugins: ROLI Studio Player & ROLI Studio Drums

– 500+ sounds, including 300+ MPE sounds

– Presets from Equator, Cypher2, Strobe2 synths

– Expansive audio effects and macros

– Groundbreaking production tools like Smart Chords

– Intuitive, easily navigable interfaces


Shape melodies with ROLI Studio Player

Enrich your track with melodic sounds that you can play on both Seaboard Block and Lightpad Block. ROLI Studio Player includes 300+ hybrid-acoustic, and synth presets.


Bend beats with ROLI Studio Drums

Revolutionize the way you make beats on the Lightpad Block, now armed with ROLI Studio Drums — the world’s first MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) drums plugin. Warp drums sounds and create grooves instantly through 5D Touch.


Tools for composing and producing faster

ROLI Studio has groundbreaking tools for producing tracks more creatively.

– Smart Chords: play chords with every note in ROLI Studio Player

– Multi-Layered Arpeggiator: create rhythmic sequences with 3 arp layers in ROLI Studio Player

– Macros and effects: adjust your sound in real time with 3 macro controls and 4 effects slots


A kit that fits your workflow

Songmaker Kit gives you all the hardware controllers and software tools you need to build a track. But it also slots into your workflow and adapts to any project.


ROLI Studio: load ROLI Studio Player and ROLI Studio Drums as plugins in your DAW, or as standalone apps


ROLI Dashboard: customize the Kit to control DAW features and your favorite software tools


Modularity means more

Songmaker Kit is the ultimate BLOCKS setup. Take control of a music studio you can change at any time, in the moment:


– Break it down: play a single Block when you don’t want the full kit

– Build it up: connect even more Blocks, and expand your kit

– Switch it up: change the configuration of your Blocks in an instant


Carry it anywhere, in style

Songmaker Kit comes with a stylish, protective Snapcase. It holds the kit together and protects the Blocks when you carry them around. So you can take your Songmaker Kit anywhere.

Silicone 24 Keywaves
DNA-kontakter: 4
MIDI: USB-C & Bluetooth LE
Anslutningar: USB-C og Bluetooth 15 m räckvidd
Ström: Batteri (10 timmar)
Mått: 51 mm x 483 x 229
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Dimensjoner 89 × 25 × 11 cm