Remo Ambassador Clear Snare Side 13″ (SA-0313-00)

kr 170

The Ambassador® Hazy Snare Side features open resonant tones that is the industry standard for resonant Snare drum applications. Constructed with 1-ply of 3-mil film, Ambassador® Hazy Snare Side drumheads provide a perfect balance of high, mid and low frequencies for all Snare drum types. Available in sizes 8″ – 16″.

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Remo Ambassador Clear Marching Snare Side Heads are a favorite for projection and tone without compromising strength. The low-collar design is capable of of withstanding high tension, while the single-ply 3 mil Mylar film creates an excellent combination of strength, snare response, and attack.

  • Single Ply
  • 3-mil Mylar Film
  • Low Collar for High Tension Marching Snares
  • Fast Snare Response


Vekt 0,3 kg
Dimensjoner 33,0 × 33,0 × 1,0 cm