Meinl – GX-12/14TH Trash Hat Benny Greb Hi-Hat

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Trash out your hi-hat sound – in a good way!

The Trash Hat by Meinl can be used on either a regular high-hat or cymbal stand, allowing 2 different applications in one instrument. Either way it produces a dry, rattling and sizzling sound with immediate response. Holes in the top and bottom eliminate air lock for maximum clarity.

Meinl’s Generation X Series offers a full range of special effect sounds previously not available. Years of input have led to the FX9 alloy and the unique shapes and configurations. Fast, explosive attack with quick decay make Gen X cymbals fit where other cymbals won’t. Add a crazy new tone color to your setup today.


  • Different sounds
  • Innovative concepts
  • High-tech computerized manufacturing

A down-and-dirty cymbal sound for your mix.



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