Markbass DISTORSORE Bass Pedal

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Get warm tube crunch in this pedal, without sacrificing the natural tone of your instrument.

This exciting tube distortion pedal gives you the warm tube crunch that you can only get from tubes. Although the Markbass Distorsore gives you access to a wide range of tones, it always honors the basic character of your instrument by adding tube distortion to the clean sound of your bass. The Gain control, Tube Drive level, and Mix of dry and distorted sounds give you incredible control over how much distortion you create.

Since distorting bass frequencies can seriously muddy your low end sound, Markbass Distorsore pedal features a very practical filter for bass in the High Pass. It allows you to only distort the high frequencies. This keeps your sound tight and focused, no matter how distorted you get. As you turn this knob up, a wider range of low frequencies is kept clean, so you are only distorting the high frequencies and keeping your bottom end full and tight. This produces rich harmonics and exciting distortion, but every note remains distinct and focused and the natural tone of your instrument still shines through. The Low Pass filter gives you a much darker distortion sound.

Like all Markbass pedals, the Distorsore features true bypass, which means that when the distortion is off, your signal goes directly from the input jack to the output jack without any degradation of audio quality.

  • Gain
  • Volume
  • Comp
  • Tube drive
  • Low pass
  • High pass
  • Mix
  • Input jack
  • Output jack
  • Power jack (DC 12V)


Vekt 3 kg
Dimensjoner 25 × 15 × 20 cm


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