Evans Genera Resonant Clear 12″ (TT12GR)

kr 129

Evans™ clear Genera™ Resonant drum heads produce a full, round sustain with strong upper-mids that increase projection without sacrificing sustain. They are ideal for enhancing tone when combined with a two-ply batter head.

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Evans Genera Resonant Drum Heads are made with a single ply of 10-mil film. They naturally enhance bright tones and projection by boosting high overtones, while keeping a high degree of sustain.


  • Single Ply
  • 10-mil Film
  • Boosts High Frequencies
  • Enhances Brightness
  • Projects Volume
  • Significant Sustain


Vekt 0,3 kg
Dimensjoner 30,40 × 30,40 × 1,0 cm