Evans 18″ EQ2 Clear Bass Drum (BD18GB2)

kr 605

  • Double ply
  • Integrated, removable dampening rings, small holes on the outer edge for controllable sustain
  • Skin width: Outer: 0.165 mm, Inner: 0.254 mm

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Evans EQ2 Clear Bass Drum Heads are made to be extra durable and articulate, made with an outer 6.5-mil film over an inner 10-mil film. Annoying overtones are eliminated with an internal control ring, and a removable EQ muffling ring can boost articulation even more if you want or need it.

Dry vents allow air to escape the head, boosting volume and drying up the tone even more. This head is very friendly with microphones, and sounds good withouth.

  • Two Plies
  • 6.5-mil Over 10-mil Film
  • Overtone Control Ring
  • Removable EQ Muffling Ring
  • Dry Vents Let Air Escape
  • Extreme Attack/Durability


Vekt 0,6 kg
Dimensjoner 45,0 × 45,0 × 1,0 cm